Have you already incorporated in Delaware?

Startup Formation Steps for Delaware:

1. Incorporate in Delaware
(form a Delaware C Corporation)
2. Delaware Post Incorporation Documents
(founder stock purchase agreements and more)

Incorporate in Delaware

You complete the online questionnaire. We'll prepare your documents and file them for you upon request.
Fast, easy, and reliable. Only $300.

Flat Fee Pricing. No hidden fees and no surprises.

$300* includes:
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Startup checklist
  • Electronic signature
  • Document preview & sharing
  • Document storage
  • State of Delaware filing fee
  • Agent handling fee
  • Annual registered agent fee for the first year
* total price is recalculated to $79 if you prefer to use your own registered agent service and form your corporation in Delaware outside of Startup Documents.
Incorporate now

Delaware Post Incorporation Documents

As easy as the first step. You complete the online questionnaire. We’ll generate your founder formation documents
and provide you with a checklist for how to use them. Only $249.

The Startup Document Package. Get setup to allocate founder stock and more.

$249 includes:
  • Startup checklist
  • Document preview & sharing
  • Document storage
  • Bylaws
  • Consent of Sole Incorporator
  • Action by Unanimous Written Consent
  • Founder(s) Restricted Stock Purchase Agreements
    with optional and configurable vesting provisions
    (for up to 5 founders)
  • Form 83(b)
  • Indemnification Agreement(s)
  • Proprietary Information and Inventions Agreement(s)
  • Stock Certificates
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